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Susan Ernst-Peters
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Is your balcony a garden?

What do you want your balcony to be?

A place for storing rubbish and greenstuff - or a beautiful garden all year round?

What does your balcony look like?

Want to turn it into a beautiful garden?


Whether a small courtyard garden or a lushly planted balcony - the desire for a private green oasis in a town or city is on the increase. And having one brings a little bit of nature right up to one's own front door - and onto the balcony. Town gardens and green balconies are in demand. Something that garden designer Susan F. Ernst-Peters, who specialises in small gardens, discovered and inspired her to form the landscaping and garden design company CityGardens® .

Even on a balcony it's possible to have a real garden.

In Opens internal link in current window<> "Welcome to Balconia" on Radio DRS 1, transmitted on 5. Mai 2008, City Gardens® garden designer Susan Ernst-Peters brought nature a touch nearer to the urban dweller when she explained how she set about creating an expiring and relaxing balcony garden for a client in Zurich.

Take a look at the "Opens internal link in current windowFour-Seasons" Balcony Garden Concept (<<Balkon-Deluxe>>) she talked about and designed according to plan.

Or take a look at the podcast from the Opens internal link in current window<>, Tele M1 from 5. Mai 2008, where Susan F. Ernst-Peters shows how this balcony garden was created.

We can also help you to create a beautiful balcony garden too.

CityGardens® offers Opens internal link in current windowa range of services for the balcony owner and user.
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