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Susan Ernst-Peters
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About City Gardens®

The City Gardens ® website is our online customer service centre for Opens internal link in current windowlandscaping and garden design , high quality Opens internal link in current windowgarden products and a source of Opens internal link in current windowgarden information, Opens internal link in current windowideas and inspiration and practical advice, designed to meet your urban garden needs and make your garden beautiful, whatever its size or setting.

This is the place to come to for professional garden design, planning and building, for gardens in towns and urban surroundings. It is the place to visit  to find unusual and beautiful garden products and materials that will add character, style and ambience to your garden in ways that reflect your needs, lifestyle and home. And it is the place to browse through for information and tips on gardening, plants and horticulture tailored to the needs of garden rooms and the small town urban gardener.

Life is increasingly hectic, space a premium. Switzerland offers the beauty of nature, stunning municipal parks and green public spaces. But these can never be a substitute for a private place outside, where one can quitely relax away from the pressures of modern life. A garden meets this need. The need for a garden of one’s own is not just a trend or desire it is a real and increasing human need. At the end of the day, a garden is more than just a public park, a green municipal space or a piece of nature. But not everyone has 300m2.

When people hear the word “garden” they often think this word means a piece of land around a house, in the countryside. But in towns and urban surroundings there are many small outside spaces such as balconies, teraces, roof-terraces, courtyards or even small “real” gardens, that could be transformed into beautiful gardens. Many of these spaces are neglected, unused or badly planned. The owners or tenants don’t know where to start, can't visualise what they want and don't have the time or inclination. That’s why I created City Gardens®.

Our raison d'être  is to serve interner Link folgtpeople living and working in urban surroundings, who love beautiful things and who want a special kind of garden that will take them away from the stress of city life, a garden for all seasons, that stirs the spirit and soothes the mind, in the smallest of spaces, in the heart of the city or the outskirts of town.

And after your garden has been created for you, you don't even have to pick up a trowel because we maintain your garden for you all year round, so it goes on giving you pleasure throughout the seasons. At the end of the day, we create a garden for you to enjoy.

City Gardens ® - your gateway to the ambience of another world.


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