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Jute Gardening Twines and Natural Fibre Products

This section of our product collection presents you with the a range of traditional jute twines and complementary ancillary garden products that use natural materials and fibres and raw materials from renewable and sustainable resources, Wooden products throughout the range are manufactured from environmentally managed forests in the UK. Wherever possible recycled packaging materials are utilised. The products have been produced using traditional methods, by British craftsmen and women, All products carry the manufacturers assurance of quality and authenticity.

Jute Gardening Twine

Jute gardening twine is one of the oldest gardening products around. Originating from the home of the jute industry, it is produced by a Scottish company that has been manufacturing and processing jute twines since 1922. The same company patented the first “pull from the centre spool” of garden twine, which has been copied by many but never equalled. The green twine has now become world famous for the special characteristic that when tied around a plant it cannot be seen, The introduction of coloured twines, has given the range a modern twist, complimenting the more traditional green and natural twines.

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Tin o' twine
Web-Price: 25.00 CHF   (w/o VAT 25.00)

The authentic Tin 0' twine is available in the original green , natural, black, red and terracotta. The tin maintains the twine, clean and tangle free. A practical gift for all gardeners. The product is presented in packaging recreated from archives to give an attractive, traditional look and feel. Approx. 150m of twine.

Art.Nr. / Description / Price
NU TIN25 0G Tin o twine, Green, dia 9cm, H 12cm: 29.95
NU TIN25 0N Tin o twine, Natural, dia 9cm, H 12cm: 29.95
NU TIN25 0B Tin o twine, Black, dia 9cm, H 12cm: 29.95
NU TIN25 0R Tin o twine, Red, dia 9cm, H 12cm: 29.95
NU TIN25 0T Tin o twine, Terracotta, dia 9cm, H 12cm: 29.95


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Old Twine Stands
Web-Price: 98.00 CHF   (w/o VAT 98.00)

Individually hand crafted luxury oak twine stands are produced using home-grown aged and seasoned oak from managed forests. Finished to exceptionally high standard. Available with green or natural twine.

Art.Nr. / Description / Price
NU DELUXT G Oak Twine Stand with green twine, H 18cm: 109.95
NU DELUXT N Oak Twine Stand with natural twine, H 18cm: 109.95


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Chunky Spools
Web-Price: 22.50 CHF   (w/o VAT 22.50)

Large spools of soft, thick jute twine. Suitable for garden tying and eye-catching gift wrapping and craft uses.

Large spool of thick green twine, dia 13cm, H 15cm: 23.50
Large spool of thick natural twine, dia 13cm, H 15cm: 21.75
Large spool of thick red twine, dia 13cm, H 15cm: 23.50


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